Children’s Problems – The Blow Away Technique

Does your child need help?

Growing up is not always an easy process. Children have many emotional ups and downs throughout this period. They are experiencing things for the first time and with these new experiences come emotions, at times very intense emotions. There needs to be a coping mechanism to deal with these emotions. Mother Nature provides this by ‘bottling them up’ and hiding them away.

However, although hidden, these emotions are still there. Unbeknown to both the child and the adult (as they become), these emotions continue to let you know that they’re there. Affected subconsciously, a number of symptoms can be produced, for example:-

  • allergies, bed wetting, behaviour issues, tantrums, bullying – being or doing, , breathing problems such as asthma, (heightened by stress and anxiety), phobias, problems with food, exam nerves, skin problems, eczema, struggling at school and many more.

To help the child back to a balanced equilibrium, hypnotherapy combined with ‘The Blow away Technique’, is very effective. This gentle technique involves the use of hypnosis to isolate the childs problems and relieve them of their issues, by ‘blowing’ them away.  This is not a technique which requires the child to verbalise the issues which concern them and so they should not feel inhibited during the session.

Children cannot be treated unless accompanied by a parent/s or guardian/s (preferably both parents or guardians).