Stop Smoking

Stop smokingWant to stop smoking? Really? Do you want to become a non-smoker? Do you think you should give up because of your health, your budget, or for the sake of your kids?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above then I can help you.

A Stop Smoking session consists of two parts. We begin with 40 minutes of talking where together we will find out what it will take to make you stop.  Your beliefs are the key to this process. Once you’ve discovered them we can change all those beliefs you associate with smoking into becoming a happy, healthy, confident non smoker.

The second stage is where hypnotherapy comes in. After all the hard work of changing your belief system (*which will require your full input, you will need to put in the effort) you will be given positive reinforcing suggestions to help you on your way.

I have been privileged to train with Rob Kelly, one of the most successful smoking cessation specialists in the UK. Rob has stopped over five thousand smokers at his hypnosis and hypnotherapy clinic, and can boast an amazing 95% success rate.

*Without this some people do not stop smoking.