I’m incredibly grateful to Jeanette for helping me to see and understand my triggers to smoke. Now having those insights, I’ve been able to recognise that they are so momentary, toward simply, a really bad habit. Knowing I can and have beaten these triggers has been so empowering and I’m happy that I’ve been freed and can just go on and live my life.

I decided to try hypnotherapy as an aid for the natural birth I was hoping to achieve.  I initially found it difficult to let go enough to be hypnotised, but with Jeanette’s patient guidance I was able to achieve a lovely relaxing hypnotic state. I found the hypnotherapy to be really helpful both during pregnancy and in the early stages of labour, allowing me to get to sleep. Later in labour I credit it with keeping me relaxed in between contractions and allowing me stay calm enough to achieve a natural birth during a prolonged pushing phase. I would totally recommend hypnotherapy with Jeanette for anyone I know who is pregnant.


Jeanette’s down-to-earth & friendly approach made it easy for me to feel relaxed.  I recommend hypnoanalysis to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves and in the process develop a happier & juicier outlook on life.  This is by far one of the most insightful experiences I have ever experienced in my life to date.

You seemed to be interested in the general wellbeing of the patient. I appreciate how genuinely interested you are in my life and the progress I make.  With you, I learnt to be positive, love and respect myself and others, and expect that others treat me the same way.

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