Weight Loss – Virtual Gastric Band

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you constantly on a diet? Do you drop the kilos, feel amazing and then before you know it you’re back to where you started? The constant calorie counting and denying yourself food you like to eat? I know I have!

So, what can you do to stop this?

The Virtual Gastric Band provides the alternative to actual surgery.  The procedure involves all the steps as in a normal operation of this type, from the initial consultation, conversing with the doctor/anasethetist/nurses, a full explanation of the surgery, to dealing with post op matters of tightening or loosening the band. Surgery without the complications of nausea, post op infections or the band slipping!

It is NOT a diet!

Help lose weight

The programme is designed to change the way you think. Hypnosis and The Virtual gastric band are not magic. You need to be the driving force and put some effort into this but, combining all the above including you, is providing the perfect recipe for success.

Important note: As with any operation or therapeutic procedure, success cannot be guaranteed.                                            

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Virtual Gastric Band